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"I should infinitely prefer a book." -- Chapter 39, Pride and Prejudice
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lady Susan Drabbles

That Was No Lady (A Novel in 100 Words)

It is nice just to sit here and be as stupid as possible. *sits stupidly* Is your husband in this story, dear sister?

He is here somewhere, but you would hardly know it.

Where is Frederica?

There, looking at you with calf’s eyes.

Excellent. It is so restful with Susan gone.

Are you quite over her?

Quite. She cannot have your poor departed brother-in-law, Manwaring, Sir James and me—that would be too great a reward for her cunning.

You came close to succumbing.

Too close. *shudders*

Yes. Well… excuse me. I have a letter to write.

Don’t we all?

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